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KK, pleasant view TN

Hey!!!!!!MOM, Hope the gig in 11/6/11 goes well for u.(H)(smile2):)

Alexis Mccaroll, pleasant view TN

I think you sing really pretty!!!:)

Ron M, Houston, TX

You should be so proud. Amazing. Listened to every song and, in some small ways, connected with each of them from having known you. Congratulations on your current and coming success.

The Back Road Radio Show, Indianapolis, Indiana

DeeAnn, Just wanted to thank you again for the Great Interview you did with us last week. We are looking forward to seeing you accomplish Great Things! Your New Friends, The Back Road Radio Show

Ashleigh, Nashville TN

I thought you were an awesome physical trainer but now I see you're an even better singer/songwriter! Congrats on this rocks :)

Kimberly Dominy, home

I'm so proud of you ur the beast,cooles mom any lukie girl can have(H)(H)(H) LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! K.K

Lyndsey Robinson, Home

I'm In!(smile2)

Matthew Sias, nashville tn

I am a domino!! does this get me free back stage passes?/

Joy Anglin, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi DeeAnn! Love you and your awsome music! Am I too old to be a Domino?(H)(H)

kimberly dominy, home

heyyyyyy!gest want to say that ur the coolest mom that EVER LEVI:]

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